Vicki will stand with that angel on your shoulder that tells you to have confidence and faith, as she coaches you to trust and lean on your own intuition and inner voice. She’ll encourage you to follow your heart without losing your head.  And if you’re an entrepreneur, she’ll help you build a business and get a life!

Welcome to my website.  I believe that Spirit brings us together for a reason, so I’m super excited for the opportunity to connect with  you.

I’ve been around the coaching and personal development industry for over 20 years and have had the privilege and honor to work with people from all over the world.  I found my “vocation” when my paths crossed with Thomas Leonard and the coaching industry.

Orienting my life around my values has been crucial to my wellbeing and success.  I am ferociously family oriented, as one friend puts it, and my life is centered around my husband and grown children, and Spirit.

My husband and I met during our senior year of high school and married five years later.  Our two children are now grown and we’ll celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in 2017.

I’ve always believed that “life” is our greatest coach and teacher.  I began keeping a dream journal at the age of 11 at the encouragement of my mother where I encountered the love and guidance from what I later called my “angels”.  Later, I began looking for signs that the Universe/God was active in my waking life and I learned that miracles happen everyday but we have to be present to witness them.

I believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and we are all on a journey of remembering or “waking up” to this truth.  This is our true “life’s purpose”.

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More about Vicki:
-Past-President of the International Association of Coaching (2014-2015)
-Member of the International Association of Coaching Board of Governors (2012-2016)

-Holistic Health Practitioner  (Yogananda Institute) 
-Graduate of Coachville’s  Thomas Leonard Coaching School and the Graduation School of Coaching
-Reiki Master
-Landmark Education
-Spencer Institute
-Studied Massage Therapy at Pueblo Community College
-Studied at Pueblo College of Business and Technology


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